About Quality Food


We are always ready to spend a little more money on quality food items, if required. Are those health mix really healthy? Are organic labelled vegetables, really organic? Are the freshly packed meat really fresh? What makes a quality food.



Best quality foods are always those grown at our home, whether it is your papaya, tender jack-fruit, tender plantain, spinach, lettuce or some other vegetable, or the chicken or duck. I know this is not possible 90% of city population, but we can do try and find time for a very small kitchen garden.

The next option is to choose food items from local farmers as far as possible. This will provide us more fresh vegetables; and reliable meat, as at least you that your food comes from a reliable source and them their living (than our hard earned money adding to the profit of a corporate brand).

In Kerala, we cultivate little vegetables and are highly dependent on fruits and vegetables from other states for our daily meals. These so called edible food items are highly contaminated with pesticides and hormones, during various stages of growth; which can leave their traits in our body. They are given various beatification treatments to gain weight, look fresh etc… during the whole process of cultivation and transportation. I have heard from a farmer in our neighbouring state that, they will put pesticides and hormones in regular intervals from 15- 20 times, for a plant once it is planted, till the harvest!! A proof is as below.

I remember an incident, one year ago. We have bought 0.5 Kg mozambi from a branch of a reputed retail store in India. One was left unnoticed for about 2 months.The most interesting part was that, the fruit didn’t had a single sign of rotting even after such a long time!!! It look little bit fresh too!! Do you think that the fruit was not at all treated with any chemicals?


I always prefer meat egg or milk from homegrown animal and /or birds, above commercially grown caged birds and animals. Batch grown animals in crowded farms are given regular antibiotic courses to prevent them from illness and resulting loss of income. They are more stressed during their whole life time and are not free moving.

Home grown animals and birds enjoy freedom till they are killed. So their body accumulates more positive energy as they grow, due to low stress hormones as compared to caged animals and birds. This makes them more edible or suitable to be consumed as food.

Thus quality of food also contributes to edibility. Quality is not determined by the brand or price of food, but the knowledge of how that food reached us (as far as possible) from the source. If we can find time grow food items at home even less numbers, that will give us fresh and healthy food, and in long run we may save some bugs from the hospital bill.


Edibles are something which are fit to be eaten as food. Edibility of food items available in the market is a big question for the fast moving young population; as they have least provisions (time and space) to cultivate and cook each and every food items. Food we consume greatly influence our health and of course, health is wealth!!! My thoughts on how to maintain this real wealth through conscious (thoughtful and selective) cooking,  led to  ‘ Thoughts on Edibility’.