Chemba Puttu – Steamed Chemba Rice with coconut

Chemba puttu with banana
Chemba puttu with banana

Chemba Puttu – Steamed Chemba Rice with coconut (Steamed brown rice cake)


Puttu  (steamed rice cake) is a popular traditional breakfast in Kerala. Puttu  made from chemba (brown) rice flour is termed as chemba puttu. I have comprehended from internet, that puttu is consumed in some parts of  Karnataka and Tamilnadu as well.  Different parts of south east Asia have some variants of puttu (as per wikipedia).

On the way to cooking
On the way to cooking

Two packets of  Brahmins chemba puttu powder, my husband brought last week made me think of this recipe. Initially, I thought of preparing green gram (cherupayar) curry as the side dish, but later made up my mind to have the puttu with banana (I like it so, and it is simply delicious.) You will see this change of mind in my photographs. Also you can see the imprints of little hands that helped me in mixing.

The cooking

Chemba Rice Powder

As I have mentioned earlier, Puttu  made from chemba (brown) rice flour is termed as chemba puttu. Brown rice  is a whole grain. Only the husk is removed from rice kernel . Brown rice may be more nutritional than white rice which is the processed form of rice.

Brown rice and hence its flour is  a good source of fiber, manganese selenium, magnesium and folate.

Preparation of Chemba Puttu


Chemba Rice flour – 500gm

water   –    600ml

shredded coconut   –  1 cup

salt  – 1.5 teaspoon


In a bowl, mix the chemba rice flour, half cup shredded coconut and salt with hand. Sprinkle water little by little and continue mixing till the right wetness is obtained. You must be able to form lumps with hand which break when you press a bit harder. And you must feel the wetness of the flour.

The chemba puttu mix

Allow the mix stand for ten minutes, when right wetness is attained. Meanwhile you can boil water in pressure cooker without weight. After the standing time of 10 minutes, for the  mix, fill the puttu maker ( or chiratta , if you want it in chiratta shape), with little coconut (from the remaining half cup) and the chemba puttu mix using a spoon or hand.  Preferably fill till 3/4 or less. Coconut is added in the bottom to ensure easy passage of steam to cook the puttu mix.

Fix the puttu maker on to the pressure cooker head. When steam comes through puttu maker, simmer for 5 minutes. Then using the stick (puttu kuti), push the puttu onto a plate .

Puttu on a plate

Enjoy the puttu with banana or green gram curry and pappad. You can also have it with kadala curry.

Puttu and banana

Note : I have used Brahmins Chemba puttu podi to make this recipe. Other brands might require a little more or less water for right puttu mix consistency.

    puttu and Banana





Happy cooking!!