Passion fruit medicinal leaves Smoothie

Passion Fruit


Whenever I think of a new recipe , I consciously brainstorm on including ingredients fetched from my back yard, as much as possible. This antioxidant packed passion fruit medicinal leaves smoothie has all the ingredients tulsi, guava and nutmeg leaves collected from our courtyard – (sweetener is store brought !).

Here, tulsi , tender guava and nutmeg leaves are blended with passion fruit. This ingredients make this juice a perfect immunity boosting drink and a good remedy for mild cough.

Passion Fruits

Passion fruits are rich source of antioxidants, vitamin C etc… In addition to being a vitamin A precursors, it has, thirteen different carotenoids including zeta-, beta- and alpha-carotene, b-cryptoxanthin, and lycopene.

Tulsi and Guava Leaves


Tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves are having high medicinal properties. These leaves have the ability to regulate cortisol (stress hormone) and balance the hormone levels. They act as antibiotic, germicidal and disinfectant agents protecting us from bacteria, viruses etc. They are good source of vitamin K also.

Guava leaves improve immunity, enhances heart and oral health, lower risk of diabetics and cancer.

Passion fruit  and leaves Smoothie

passion fruit and leaves to the mixer jar

Normally, at home we eat passion fruit as raw fruit. When we got 10 fruit on a single day, I thought of a healthy juice with them. (True reason is that I don’t like them plain, as they are a bit too sour).

Passion fruit flesh in mixer

  Initially, I had a double thought on how this would taste; with all these green leaves in!!  After opening the jar and sensing the aroma of the fruit and leaves blended, I was sure that, this drink will  finish fast, and it did so!

Passion fruit and leaves out of the mixer


Passion fruit flesh –  of 3 medium-sized fruits

Guava leaves (Tender) –  3

Tulsi leaves (Tender) –  a handful (6-9)

Tender nutmeg leaf –  1 (or to taste)

Sugar / jiggery – as per taste

Water –     1.5 – to 2 glass


For making this perfect health drink, transfer the flesh of passion fruit  into mixer jar. To this add, all three leaves and jaggery/any sweetener, to your taste**. Then blend everything in the mixer for 1-2 minutes.  The leaves and fruits combine together to form a smooth pulp. This mixture is truly aromatic and tempting.

Passion fruit and medicinal leaves health drinkPassion fruit and medicinal leaves health drink








Then add water to make it to your desired concentration. Now, enjoy the  energy boosting passion fruit and leaves smoothie. Chill in fridge, if you like it so.

**I have  tried  both sugar and jagerry, when adding jaggery you need more to make it sweet, but its healthier.

Hope you all will try making this health drink and let me know the results. I will be happy to know  your modifications to the recipes and the results too. Thanks for reading!!

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