Food, as per dictionary, is something that people and animals eat, or plants absorb to keep them alive . Edibility of a food is a different factor.

Edibles are things which are safe to eat i.e., they are harmless to the body, during the whole process of digestion. According to ayurvedic medicine, most of our illnesses are due to disturbances in the stomach, and proper health of our stomach, depends mainly on food we eat.

During childhood, I used to eat a lot of  fried chips and pickles. I was least concerned about its edibility, what matters was their fantastic taste. Then my stomach started reacting with a bad pain every now and then, and  I had to depend on medicine to get rid of it. Thereafter, I started to observe my food. My common sense told me that, anything called food shouldn’t to be eaten without considering it’s edibility. With conscious controlled intake of food, which I continue even today , I was able to overcome the problem with my stomach.

Literally, something is not edible means that it is toxic. But,  for me edibility of food depends on the possibility that it can accumulate toxic or disease causing sediments in any part of  body during the whole process of digestion, when consumed in a long course. This means that we must observe both quantity  and quality of food intake. We must be aware of its source, the processing stages and possible chemicals involved.  If we do care for such facts, our children will automatically develop the habit of choosing healthy food and in healthy quantities.

What determine the edibility of food

Edibles are things which are safe to eat. They must promote the growth of our body and must give energy to human cells.

Lets’ analyse the edibility of a fried potato chips. It tastes delicious and is tempting. These chips are usually fried in the same oil heated again and again (which is not good for human body), with artificial flavours and colours. Our stomach do not have the ability to break down all these complex artificial compounds, they don’t release any nutrients during digestion too. Regular and prolonged consumption of such items make our stomach upset.

We can start controlling intake of such delicious tempting items by reducing the number consumed. Surely we will be tempted. Just think of poor stomach (who don’t have the privilege to talk or shout ENOUGH!!!, not even cry, but can only bleed with ulcers!, compared to our talkative tongue who enjoys the tastes!).  So better enjoy fried chips or similar processed and/or salted food consciously for our stomach.

Yes these are all edibles but their edibility reduces as consumption rate and frequency increases. If you can avoid them well and good. If that is not possible, please please.. do watch the numbers.