Flat beans stir fry (Kathipayar ularth)

Flat Beans stir fry

 I found some beautiful flat beans hanging from the climbers’ net on a Saturday morning. Suddenly I wanted to have them stir fried for lunch. Home grown flat beans is nutritious. With cooked rice or roti, flat beans stir fry make a delicious side dish.

Flat Beans

Flat beans

As a natural source of proteins and fiber flat beans are good for digestive health.  They are good source of vitamins and minerals and beta carotene and fol-ate. Mature beans get woody and fibrous and are less edible.   So collect flat beans when they are young and tender.

Flat beans are known by the name kathipayar ,valanga, valavaranga in different localities of Kerala.


Onions fall under alliums family of vegetables and herbs, which also includes chives, garlic, scallions and leeks. Allium vegetables are always preferred in dishes not only for their characteristic, pungent flavors but also for their medicinal properties. Onions can vary in size, shape, color and flavor. The most common types  include red, yellow and white onion. Flavors can vary from sweet and juicy with a mild flavor to sharp, spicy, and pungent, often depending on the season in which they are grown and consumed.

Including onion in daily food could  lower the risk of several types of cancer, improve mood and maintain the health of skin and hair. Onions are  nutrient-dense food, i.e. they are low in calories with rich vitamins and minerals. Also they are good source of antioxidants.

Coriander powder

Coriander Powder is good for digestion. It increases appetite. Also helps in purifying the blood and curing inflammation, fever and  various allergies. It has great ‘cooling’ qualities. Coriander also helps in cleansing the body by detoxifying it. Due to strong medicinal properties consume it in controlled quantities.

Ingredients for flat beans stir fry

Flat beans – 10 (medium-sized tender beans)

Onion – 1 large

Coriander powder – 1tsp

Chili Powder – ½ tsp

Pepper powder – ½ tsp (optional)

Garlic -3 pieces

Curry leaves  and salt – as needed

Preparation of  flat beans stir fry


Flat beans stir fry

Cut the flat beans into small pieces to make the stir fry. Cook finely chopped flat beans in a pan with a little water (5-6 tbsp) and salt. Check the beans at times add more water if needed.** By this time in another pan pour oil. Splatter mustard and curry leaves. Add chopped garlic, onion and sauté till brown. Then put all three powders. Again sauté till the powders roast well. Now add the cooked beans to the mixture and stir fry till its properly cooked.

** You can also cook the beans in pressure cooker till one or two whistle. Then directly add it to the sautéed mixture.