Lemon Juice with Ginger and Basil

 Crushed Ginger & squeezed lemon

Lemon Juice with Ginger and Basil

Cold wave during  dusk and dawn, vibrant sun and high temperatures whole day is affecting almost everybody health here. Me and my family too had  bad and long cold  that prolonged  for  weeks. Running nose and sore throats made me think of a lemon juice spiced up with ginger and fresh basil leaves.

Health note on main ingredients


Lemon juice is a very good source of vitamin C, which increases immunity to common cold, flu and infections. It improves digestion, contains a good amount of dietary fiber. Also, it kills harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Lemon contains calcium in small quantity. But potassium of lemon proves beneficial to maintain bone’s calcium density. Potassium  prevents the loss of calcium through the kidney. Thus, it protects from osteoporosis. It is also good for skin health and in maintaining weight.


Ginger has many medicinal properties. It has a very long history of use as a home remedy in Kerala. It is commonly used to help digestion, reduce nausea, help fight the flu and common cold.

Gingerol,  bio-active substance in fresh ginger,  help lower  risk of infections.  ginger extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria .

Basil/ Tulsi leaves

A short description of use of tulsi / basil leaves was given in my earlier post Passion fruit medicinal leaves Smoothie .


3 or 4 lemon 

small piece of ginger crashed                                                                 

a handful tulsi/basil leaves   

4 glass water and a pinch of salt

lemon & crushed ginger
lemon & crushed ginger



Take the juice of four lemons,  Add crushed ginger, pour water and salt into it and mix well. According to your preference for sour taste adjust water and salt.

You can use sugar or jaggery as a sweetener, in case you want a sweet taste for the juice.

Take this lemon juice when you are having strong cold and no taste for the tongue, you will feel much better.

medicinal lemon juice


Thank You, and catch you later